OK, so I kind of went crazy in my last post.


Its just I can’t believe that the Rangers *gulp*  lost.

There I said it.


And its snowing. In October.

I think that is like against the rules of the United Nations or something.

I mean seriously, I can just imagine the weather god up there with a snide look on his face.

creepy, huh?

And I ask my self for the thousandth time, why couldn’t I live in Florida?

With Marlins and Rays all living peacefully together..


And sunny blue skies…

And cute old ladies….


Ahh, that must be the life.

Anyway thanks for reading and happy off-season!

The Baseball Gal



the end.


ITS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS A SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!


I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!



Pumpkin Muffins, Orange juice WITH pulp, and Worlds Series off days.

Today is a depressing day.  It is cold and windy.

I ran out of apple cider.  And oh yeah…there is no baseball today!

THAT is the reason I have been blogging all day.

NOT because I have no life.  Well maybe that too….

Anyway, at least I get to eat pumkin muffins (that I baked myself, by the way), and drink orange juice with pulp (because its better that way. Anybody who detests pulp is just jealous of its awesomeness), and stare at my beautifully painted nails.

That are purple by the way.  And sparkly.  

So, baseball people and non-baseball people alike.  

What do YOU do to entertain yourself with no baseball?

Please comment!

The Baseball Gal :0

ps: For you fellow tv addicts out there…I’d recommend Parks and Recreation.  Its a GREAT show! 

Rant………and pretty shirts! Or at least one pretty shirt…

Being a female fan people sometimes designate me as a “bandwagon” fan or somebody who says that they are a Mets fan but its really only because of Jose Reyes’ hotness.

This is so far from the truth that it makes me laugh.

Yes, sometimes I might comment on the attractiveness of a player.

But I am a teenage girl.

What do you expect?

Sure, I might have my hottie list of the most attractive players in baseball.

But I can also name every player on my team and a bunch of other teams.

Also, I watch almost every single game and sometimes I even keep score.  I don’t think every male fan can even say that!

I am not saying that every girl is a real fan.  In fact, I have a bunch of fans who are just Yankees fans because they win and Mets fans because their older brothers areYankees  fans and of course they have to root against them.

But that is not everybody and people should stop generalizing!

Plus, what is up with the pink shirts? I mean I am not against girls who wear them or anything, I just personally would go for orange and blue over pink anyday!


This?                                                                                 Or this?

What do you guys think? If your a girl does this ever happen to you? Guys, what is your opinion on this?

Thanks for reading!

Please comment and if you have a blog, put a link to it at the bottom of your comment, I would love to read it!

The Baseball Gal :0


Yes, I am rooting for the Rangers

Quick! Grab your phone and alert The New York Times! But first read this post.

5.  I love Southern accents.  Enough said.

4. Rooting for the Rangers gives me the opportunity to say “yall” and “howdy”.  Words that I love using in conversations on normal days but yall have to understand that now I finally have a reason.

3.  Ian Kinsler is my idol.  He is a Jewish second basemen. And he wants to play for Israel in The World Baseball classics.  It’s true! I found it on Wikipedia!

2. Don’t judge me, but I find Nolan Ryan to be sooo cute! In an old person kind of way, you know.

1.  CJ WILSON!!!! I seriously think he need to shave, but I love his hair!

*note to readers: I am not a crazy bandwagon female fan. Its just that when there are teams in the series that you don’t really know, you have to find something about them to root for!*

And here is a hot chocolate to warm you up on this cold fall day!

Well now, off to make hot chocolate!

Happy Friday and remember LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

The Baseball Gal 🙂

ps: Did anyone know that today is Mary Blair’s 100th birthday? Does anyone know who Mary Blair is? Excuse me if I am the only person on the planet who doesn’t know who she is, but  thank you google!

My first post!

Finally, my first post! I have been meaning to post for quite a while now but have been pretty busy (read:lazy) lately.
Well, this past season hasn’t turned out that great for either the Mets or Giants, but I am still stoked for the postseason. I’ve decided to become a temporary Brewers fan (helloooo Ryan Braun)and maybe even root for the Rays a bit. I just find stingrays so cute! Excuse me for a minute while I go google pictures of stingrays. Here is the link for a pretty cute picture if anyone wants to join in my joy.
Yesterday was a pretty intense day for baseball. The Rays came back from a SEVEN run deficit to beat the Yankees and take the wild card from the good ol’ Red Sox. Also, the Braves lost and the Cards won meaning that the Cards won the NL wildcard. I still have terrible memories of the Cards from ’06 but I’d still rather them in the postseason then the Braves! Plus Jose Reyes’ won the batting title yesterday! Although, I think this is the best news since the release of Oliver Perez I still dislike how Reyes requested to be removed from the game as soon as he got a hit. I just don’t think it was a classy move on his part. Jose, I know CJ called you weak, but don’t listen to him. I still love you! If you want you can leave your wife and we can run off and get married in Vegas and then move to Hawaii or something and live happily ever after. Er, that is after you retire from baseball of course. I mean we can’t forget the reason I fell in love with you in the first place, right?

Here is to October and the playoffs and to selfish baseball players and Ryan Braun and vanilla bean coolatas from Dunkin Donuts.
Thanks for reading! Please comment and tell me what you think about Jose’s actions!
The Baseball Gal